GPS.DM Observatory

GPS.DM collaboration analyzes navigational satellite and terrestrial atomic clock data for  exotic physics signatures. In particular, the collaboration searches for transient variations of fundamental constants correlated with the Earth’s galactic motion through the dark matter halo.

Members of collaboration (in alphabetical order):

  • G. Blewitt (U. Nevada. Reno)
  • A. Derevianko (U. Nevada, Reno)
  • M. Pospelov (UBC and Perimeter Institute)
  • J. Sherman (NIST-Boulder)

Postdoctoral scholar(s): B. Roberts

Graduate student(s): A. Rollings, C. Dailey

Undergraduate student(s): K. Lane, I. Tralmer

Former members: M. Murphy, N. Lundholm, W. Williams

Supported by the U.S. National Science Foundation.

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