How to dropbox on quicksilver using command line

(credit goes to Turker Topcu)
Below is a short step by step instructions to install Dropbox for command line use on quicksilver.

1. From the command line, type :

cd ~ && wget -O - ""| tar xzf -



This will ask you to copy and paste a link in a browser to link the computer your existing Dropbox account. Once you do this, Dropbox folder will be created in your home directory. For this step you will need to pull up a browser. I used firefox by typing "firefox" in the command line.

2. To start dropbox from the command line, download this python script. Put this script somewhere in your path make sure it is executable by typing

chmod +x

Then to start dropbox, simply type " start" and to stop it type " stop". If you just type "", it will show a list of commands that will let you control dropbox in other ways.

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